• MilesP2P.com is a website where you can sell your AMEX Membership Rewards, Citi Thankyou Points, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and many kinds of miles. You can also buy miles in many ways.

  • As the most honest business, MilesP2P publishes as much information as possible, including best-in-industry price and risk information.

  • MilesP2P is operated by Rewards2Cash, a trust-able brand over 5 years in miles market.

  • MilesP2P/Rewards2Cash enjoy great reputation. We have over two thousands likes at our facebook page


The Steps to Sell Rewards/Miles (Booking Flight/Hotel Option)*

  1. Miles owner makes an order at MilesP2P.com.

  2. After some waiting, miles owner receives notification from MilesP2P when passenger has a request of booking flight(s). Waiting time varies a lot depending on the quantity in the order. For popular quantity (for example AMEX MR / CITI TYP / Asiamiles 70k, 85k, 120k), the waiting might be only one or two days. For rarely used quantity, it could be several weeks or even months.

  3. Miles owner signs in MilesP2P.com to accept or decline the request. If decline, the order will be put back to the queue waiting for next request of booking.

  4. If miles owner accepts the request, then he/she should book flights as instructed, and provide reservation info to MilesP2P.

  5. Wait for passenger to complete the travel to get paid. (New feature of earlier payment for repeating customer is under development.)


Better Price

  • 20%-50% higher than sister's website rewards2cash.com

  • High price is achieved by higher success rate and less wasting of miles.

  • MilesP2P's automated service highly reduces the operation cost.

  • No middle-man shares the profit (or only one if you consider MileP2P as one).

Privacy Protected

  • Lots of brokers ask rewards/miles owner to provide access info of miles account, or add authorized user to credit card. MilesP2P does not, so your privacy is fully protected.



  • When an order is made, it's added to the queue waiting. Waiting time varies from days to weeks, or even month. We're planning a feature to make the waiting transparent.

  • Please make order for all the miles in each account. We do not recommend you to try our service using a small quantity. Orders with small quantities are expected to be much slower.

  • Do not hesitate to make an order because of the waiting. Bottom line is that it's easy and free to cancel an order in "Waiting" status.

Risk of No Payment

  • Most airline companies and/or Hotel reserve the right to cancel a booking for any reason, although it rarely happens. In rare case it happens, it can usually be resolved by providing necessary documents to airline company.

  • If the problem can't be resolved, payment is NOT provided. MilesP2P doesn't cover any lost to your miles, either.

  • However the chance is small -- estimated at less than 1% (Frequent booking for other people, or history of selling to other broker, increase the risk dramatically).

  • The reason why MileP2P doesn't cover the risk (which could be done by offering a slightly lower price), is that miles owners are usually less motivated to work with airline companies to resolve problem when needed. Not covering the risk allows usage of rewards/miles to maximum potential thus price here is 20%-50% higher than sister's website rewards2cash.com. Also MilesP2P doesn't have control over if miles in account are already in risky status before using our service.


What's described above is for typical and recommended process referred as "Booking Flights/Hotel". There're other options available. Take a look.