How to earn American Express Membership Rewards

  1. Bonus rewards when opening AMEX credit card account.  
  2. Rewards from using certain Credit cards.  The Credit cards include:
    1. Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express: 3X Points on airfare, 2X Points on gas & groceries, 1 Point for Every Other Dollar You Spend.
    2. American Express Green Card, American Express Gold card: 2X Points on travel bookings, 1 Point for Everything else.
  3. Shop American Express Membership Rewards mall to earn 2x-10x Points at over 300 retailers.  Visit for details.


AMEX has three levels of Membership Rewards:

Membership Rewards First = Platinum and Centurion cards
Membership Rewards = Green and Gold cards, Everyday Preferred or Everyday card
Membership Rewards Express = Blue, Zync and a few business credit cards

Only the first two levels (Membership Rewards First and Membership Rewards) are transferable and accepted by us.  We don't take Membership Rewards Express simply because it's not transferable.

Note 2:

If you own multiple AMEX Membership Rewards accounts, rewards from same name can be combined into one order.  Do not include those under different name, unless you're authorized user of the Credit Card. Order with large quantity has better chance to be processed sooner.

Note 3:

We don't guarantee to take the exact amount you put in the order.

Note 4:

Some waiting are usually required. If your annual fee is coming soon, you may consider switch your card to Everyday card which can keep your points for fee (consult AMEX representative to confirm since their policy may change).  Also although credit card fee is paid annually, it's actually pro-rated so you can get part of it back if you close the credit card account a little later after paying.

You may earn MANY AMEX Membership from credit card company as bonus of applying for a new credit card. Sister website lists the best offers (30,000 - 100,000 bonus points/miles). There is an ACTIVE OFFER for AMEX Membership . Please visit

Popularity Information:

Certain quantity is more popular than others thus waiting time varies a lot. From most popular to least, the quantities that have been taken in past 90 days are: 13K,25K,23K,58K,360K

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