How to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards

  1. Bonus rewards when opening Chase credit card account.  
  2. Rewards from using certain Credit cards. 
  3. Shop at Chase Shopping Mall to get cash back.
  1. The Chase Ultimate Rewards will be transferred to Airline Miles. They can if they're sponsored by Sapphire Preferred or Reserve, Ink Bold, Ink Plus.  If you have any of the card, then Ultimate Rewards from Freedom or Sapphire cards can be taken by combining points. Otherwise Ultimate Rewards from Freedom or Sapphire (not at level of Preferred) cards are NOT taken.  

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You may earn MANY Chase Ultimate Rewards from credit card company as bonus of applying for a new credit card. Sister website lists the best offers (30,000 - 100,000 bonus points/miles). There is an ACTIVE OFFER for Chase Ultimate Rewards . Please visit

Popularity Information:

Miles/Rewards with "WANTED" sign are taken sooner based on historical data.

Certain quantity is more popular than others thus waiting time varies a lot. From most popular to least, the quantities that have been taken in past 90 days are: 50K,40K,20K,55K,25K,13K,23K,30K,24K,35K,80K,15K,115K,19K,10K,60K,70K,110K,85K,59K

Chase Ultimate Rewards (unit of 1000)

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