You may earn MANY British Airways miles from credit card company as bonus of applying for a new credit card. Sister website lists the best offers (30,000 - 100,000 bonus points/miles). There is an ACTIVE OFFER for British Airways miles . Please visit

Popularity Information:

Certain quantity is more popular than others thus waiting time varies a lot. From most popular to least, the quantities that have been taken in past 90 days are: 30K,20K,15K,40K


  1. If you have multiple accounts, please make separated orders (one order for each account). Only make orders for available miles. Do NOT include future miles/rewards.

  2. We may buy part of the miles/rewards that you have. Upon completion of the order, you can make new order for the rest miles/rewards.

  3. Usually orders with larger quantity are likely to be processed sooner. We don't recommend selling smaller amount to try the service although it's still allowed. Order with small quantity of miles/rewards may take extremely long time to process, unless specifically noted.

  4. If your miles/rewards are expiring soon, they usually can be extended by any activities. For some airlines buying magazine at 500 miles seems good option. MileP2P is not responsible for any expired miles/rewards.

  5. For "Booking Flight/Hotel" and "Least Effort" option, (too many) previous bookings of award tickets increase chance of ticket/account being audited by airline company. See "Risk" section HERE for detailed payment agreement.

  6. You can cancel an order easily as long as it is int Waiting status.

British Airways miles (unit of 1000)

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